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Martin Ranger Pure Sound PS55 600 Watts Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

Martin Roland Pure Sound PS-55-II amplifiers are well-known for their ability to maintain continuous usage while putting out maximum wattage. This amplifier boasts 600 watts and a large number of features and reliability so DJs or KJs who are seeking reliability will not have to worry about the dreadful setback of equipment failure.
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    * Microphone input sockets
    * Microphone Input signal attenuators
    * Microphone Auto-gain level indicators
    * Microphone volume control
    * Microphone Balance control
    * Microphone Bass adjust
    * Microphone Mid-range adjust
    * Microphone Treble adjust
    * Echo Control
    * Echo Bass control
    * Echo Treble control
    * Repeat control
    * Delay time control
    * Music signal volume control
    * Music Balance control
    * Music Bass adjust
    * Music mid-range adjust
    * Music treble adjust
    * Key control
    * Remote control sensor
    * Key Display
    * Microphone master volume control
    * Music master volume control


    * Audio Output Max.: 300W+300W
    * Mic Input Sensitivity: 15mV
    * External Devices Sensitivity: 250mV
    * Signal/Noise Ratio (with IHF A Fiter): 80dB
    * T.H.D. (1 kHz. AUX 150mV INPUT): 2%
    * Frequency Response: 25Hz~20KHz
    * Mic. tone adjustment: 80Hz @ 5dB
                                    3.5KHz @ 5dB
                                     12KHz @ 5dB
    * Echo tone adjustment:  80Hz @ 5dB
                                       12KHz @ 5dB
    * Power Source: AC115V / 60Hz
                           AC230V / 50Hz
    * Electricity Consumption: 650W
    * Net Weight: 32.9 Lbs, 15KGS
    * Dimension:  (mm) 430(W)x156(H)x355(D)

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